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More men applying: Meet Donnie Dupree

by Kimberly Primicerio - in Meriden, CT - USA
Donnie Dupree is not your typical elementary school teacher. For starters, he’s male.

Dupree is a first-year kindergarten teacher. He taught in the district last year as a long-term substitute in the first grade and was hired at the end of last year to teach at Israel Putnam School. He’s the district’s only male kindergarten teacher.

“They’re so enthusiastic,” Dupree said about teaching small children. “They’re excited to learn and they want to learn.”

Man that loved teaching young children

by Craig Simpson - MenTeach - New England in Boston, MA
He was a peace activist, avid recycler, hiker, proud grandfather, deli food loved, founder of a shelter for homeless, war tax resister, Jewish Unitarian, and an early educator.

Like so many men who teach young children, he had many interests but as a former co-teacher of his said, "His real love was for the children he worked with."

Dwayne Nunez - emerging leader

by Craig Simpson - MenTeach - New England in Boston, MA
Dwayne was first trained to be a Playmaker in 2006, when he was a preschool teacher at Jamaica Plain Head Start. At the time, Dwayne was trained to use transformative play to build stronger relationships with his students and help heal and strengthen them as well. More specifically, he learned how to incorporate joy, social connection, internal control, and active engagement into his everyday work, routine, curriculum, environment, and interactions with colleagues and children alike to help build a fun, loving, creative classroom and school community.

Male Educator Named State Teacher Of Year

Joshua Parker, a Baltimore County English and language arts teacher, was named the 2011-12 Maryland Teacher of the Year.

The surprise announcement was made by Interim State Superintendent of Schools Bernard J. Sadusky during a gala at Martin's West that included Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, among other dignitaries.

Sadusky hailed Parker for his uncommon drive to see students succeed and his zeal when it comes to making sure world-class students were prepared.

A brilliant, dignified teacher

by The Weekly Challenger in St. Petersburg, FL
A brilliant, dignified man has left us, but the model for success which he taught us as he lived and worked among us is not one to be forgotten anytime soon. Indeed, when we look at his humble beginnings, review his steps to success, study his philosophy for living, we will realize our good fortune in ever having known him, and we will cherish the memories of any time we were able to spend with him. Emanuel Max Wellington Stewart wore many hats in his lifetime. The remarkable thing about these hats, or the positions they represent is the fact that they all fit, all of the time.

Gene Brugger, Teacher a St. Rita School for the Deaf

by Krista Ramsey - in Cincinnati, OH, USA
In his second-floor classroom at St. Rita School for the Deaf, teacher Gene Brugger spends 45 minutes on a morning exercise that would take most teachers five minutes.

Over and over he sounds out the beginning sound - "th-th" - for Thursday, holds up flash cards for students to match the word to the sound, and demonstrates its American Sign Language motion.

He repeats the actions for the name of the month, the day's weather and finally his students' names. And he does it day after day after day.

Jon Bradley: Are we leaving our boys behind?

by Allison Flynn - McGill Reporter in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The Faculty of Education's Jon Bradley has been highly sought-after in the media lately. A specialist in boy learning, he's been outspoken on the feminization of the school environment and curriculum, the over-use of drugs like Ritalin among boys and the endangered male elementary school teacher. He's argued that these are just a few of the seemingly separate issues that may be contributing to our province's abysmal high school dropout and failure rates.

A Man in Australia -

by Lisa Marie in Australia
Since Brendan's article in our Men in Childcare special we have received numerous positive feedback and emails congratulating us on posting the article and bringing the issue of Men in Childcare into focus. We decided to to interview Brendan for our Carer Spotlight to find out a little more....

Professional Childcare worker

Age: 25

Workplace: I work at Jacaranda Grove Pre School, Warners Bay NSW.
We cater for 2 to 5 year olds.


Teacher Ross Anderson named We Deliver award winner

by Tom Marshall, Times Staff Writer in Tampa, Florida
Hillsborough County resource teacher Ross Anderson knew something big was happening Friday at Van Buren Middle School.

But he had no idea the party -- and a check for $10,000 -- was for him.

Retiring after 40 years

by Karen Francisco - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette in Fort Wayne, Indiana USA
Gary Green is retiring this week after 40 years with Fort Wayne Community Schools - 39 of those at Lindley Elementary School. He spoke with editorial writer Karen Francisco about his career in education

It's unusual for a teacher to spend his entire career in one school. What made you want to stay at Lindley?