Men's Stories

From Japan to New Zealand

by Atsushi Ukito in Auckland, New Zealand
It's been seven years working at Kids' Domain Early Learning Centre in Auckland, New Zealand. I have spent three years to qualify in New Zealand as an early childhood educator.

I'm originally from Japan. I have been living in Auckland for 10 years. I like the relaxed life style in New Zealand. And I like working with infants and toddlers here too.

From art student to teacher

John M. Holland, 38
Child Development Specialist, Richmond Public Schools

As an art student at Virginia Commonwealth University, John Holland didn't see it coming. Shortly after meeting his wife, Jonah, he took a job as a substitute teacher in Richmond to pay the bills. He's been in the classroom ever since.

"It basically came down to start my own house-painting company or teaching," he says, which was an easy choice: "Every interaction with a kid I felt like I was doing something."

I am the King of the Four Year Olds!

by Roberto Reggio in Hawaii - USA
Roberto Reggio, a veteran male early educator drowned under a full moon off Kahala Beach in Hawaii on May 7, 2009.

He was creative, committed, and passionate about the impact he was able to have as a teacher of young children, as a musician, and as a presenter in professional settings. Among his many contributions, Roberto helped to plan, presented at, and wrote about the HAEYC Men in Education Network (M.E.N.) Retreats.

Hawaii Men's Retreat

A man loves teaches in Malaysia

by Ahmad Hazman Bin Ali in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
I'm Ahmad, 25 years old and I'm from a big family. I've 8 brothers and 5 sisters and I'm the eldest in the family. Maybe this is the '1st major causes' why I fell in love with Early Childhood Education.

A lot of people ask me why I choose this field. Why kids? Why not other jobs?

I always answer, this is LIFE.

The Storyteller Begat the Teacher Who Begat the Writer

by Eric Knigsberg - in New York City, NY - USA
His former students will tell you that Frank McCourt, who died Sunday, was too attuned to the false note ever to declare, once he had become a huge success as an author, that he missed teaching high school. Even so, he spent three decades as a teacher of English and creative writing in New York City's public schools. And he was the first to say that those years, while depriving him of the time actually to write, were what made a writer out of him. He had long been retired by 1996, when his first book, "Angela's Ashes," was published.

From NFL to nanny

by Albert Breer and Barry Horn - The Dallas Morning News in Dallas, TX USA
Politely but firmly, Mr. Clarke explains that he had spoken his piece in numerous telephone conversations starting in February. Now, six weeks later, there is nothing left to talk about.

Besides, he has work to do inside. Behind the front bay window, a young mother cradles her infant son. Her older son is busy at the dinner table.

The children are Mr. Clarke's work. Franklin, as he is known in this neighborhood, is the gray-bearded nanny to Quinn, 5, and MacAllan Clarke Tugwell, 1.

A career working with young children and parents

by Tom Bedard in St. Paul, Minnesota
I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1975. My major was child psychology. I thought I wanted to work with young children, so I took a job in a child care center. After six months, I knew that my place was in an early childhood classroom, so I went back to the University to finish coursework to get a pre-k teaching license from the State of Minnesota.  I have been in the field ever since. Except for four years serving as a center director in the mid 1980s, I have been in an early childhood classroom. In 1988, I was hired by the St. Paul School system in St.

A Guy Walks Into a Preschool

by Josh Gondelman in Boston, Massachusetts
When I was a kid, I never dreamed of being a preschool teacher. I was sure I would grow up to be a firefighter/astronaut/dragon. But then I grew up. And went to college. And by the time I finished, I had lost interest in firefighting and astronauting. And I wasn't qualified for work as a dragon.

Teacher of the Year enjoys mentoring children

by Scott Bandle in St. Lousi, Missouri, USA
For this school year, Duane West has carried a lot of expectations. It's the price he pays for being the Riverview Gardens School District's 2006-2007 Teacher of the Year.

West hears comments and questions from parents, administrators and other teachers. Some ask about his teaching style, while others offer advice on his job.

The Status of Male Teachers in Public Education Today

by Chuck Carney in Indiana University
School districts and teacher preparation programs should collaborate more and schools should promote gender equality and social justice to help alleviate the lack of male teachers in U.S. public schools, according to a new Education Policy Brief from the Center for Evaluation and Education Policy (CEEP) at Indiana University.
Shaun Johnson