Editorial - Why become a teacher?

We read about new graduates trying to find a job as a teacher. They often are frustrated that, after four years (and sometimes more) of teacher education and loans to repay, they cannot find a teaching job. One of the biggest challenges is that people often do not want to relocate.

We can understand this reluctance to move. But there are teaching jobs out there - IF a person is willing to relocate.

Teaching is an outstanding career. You can read some of the stories about men who love teaching on the MenTeach website.

Opinion - Where have all the good male teachers gone?

by Sam de Brito - Blog
I don't have children but one of my standard questions when I meet young couples is to ask "Do your kids have any male school teachers?" If their biters are in primary school, the answer is invariably "no", which comes as little surprise considering that just over 20 per cent of primary school teachers nationwide are male.

There are a lot of reasons for this - the rates of pay, the status of teachers in society and the greater threat faced by male educators of being accused of kiddie fiddling, to name a few.

Opinion - Where have all the good male teachers gone?

by Perplexio - Blog
As many of you know from my previous postings, I'm a regular reader of Sam de Brito's All Men Are Liars blog. In de Brito's most recent entry, Where are all the male school teachers de Brito broaches a very intriguing subject-- is the relative lack of male school teachers adversely affecting society as a whole?

Male presence good for school

by Alice Cowdrey - Marlborough Express - Blenheim,New Zealand
Kaikoura Primary School's newest teacher is bright, full of energy and loves his job.

Mike Judd sits in his classroom with his two little goldfish swimming around a tank, and bright pieces of artwork hang from the walls. Books in little boxes sit beside a fancy looking wicker teacher's chair and athletic looking Mike seems almost out of place in the environment.

Fandel: Students see far fewer men in the classroom

by Linda Lantor Fandel - DesMoines Register
ick just about any grade school and scroll down the staff list on its Web site. I randomly selected Clive Elementary in Windsor Heights, attended by about 400 students, where physical-education teacher Denny Barton is right at the top. But after that, just five of the 48 names are male. One is the principal, one is the custodian and the others are teachers.
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