In China: Must Your Teacher Be Like You?

Is it important for a male student to be taught by a male teacher? Or a Chinese student to have a Chinese teacher? How about a Christian student being taught only in a convent?   

Researchers argue that your teacher’s gender, race and identity can affect your learning significantly.

That is, the more your teacher is like you, the more successfully you will learn in school.

Here are two reasons why.

Impactful Role-Modelling

Male Teachers: How to Teach Boys to Be Better Men

By Justin Minkel - Education Week Teacher
I became a teacher because in high school a close friend of mine was assaulted. She was walking home at night when a man stopped his truck, leapt out, and tried to force her into his vehicle. She fought back with all her strength, but he would have overpowered her if not for another car that happened to come along. He fled. She escaped.

MenTeach E-News - October 2018

MenTeach E-News
October 2018

1) Scholarships for Minority Males in California
2) Male teachers return to the classroom as better pay, conditions attract surge in enrollments
3) Alma Spikes Elementary in Pocahontas now has their first male elementary school teacher on staff
4) Gender and Power in the American Classroom
5) Can a white teacher connect with black students?
6) The few. The proud. The male elementary school teachers.
7) Teacher's Day: First and only male teacher at Xiaoxihu kindergarten in China

Teacher's Day: First and only male teacher at Xiaoxihu kindergarten in China

by Liangyu - Xinhua
Guo Xinwang tells story for children at the Xiaoxihu kindergarten in Nanjing, capital of east China's Jiangsu Province, Sept. 6, 2018. Guo, born in 1993 and graduated from the Jiangsu Normal University, became the first and only male teacher of the Xiaoxihu kindergarten three years ago.

Editorial: Who Do Others Say You Are?

by Hunter Black - University of Stout
Who are you to others? This question has often crossed my mind when I think about how I fit into this world.
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