California Legislative effort to hire more men of color as teachers

By Andre Senior - Fox KTVU
For many students, the reflection of the face staring back at them in the classroom can be indicative of success, according to California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond. He supports Assembly Bill 520.

"The research has shown us for years that there are benefits to students of color when there’s at least just one educator of color on a campus," Thurmond said Tuesday.

AB 520, or California Diversifying the Teacher Workforce Grant Program, would set aside $15 million to recruit and retain male teachers of color.

MenTeach E-News - March 2021

MenTeach E-News
March 2021

1) Darrion Cockrell went from gang member to Missouri's 2020 teacher of the year
2) Man-Up receives additional funding
3) Professional Caregiving Men find Meaning and Pride in their Work, But Face Stigma
4) Georgia Power Foundation Grant To Help KSU Boost Number Of Black Male Educators
5) Black educators can help solve racial disparities in education
6) Philly-based group launches $3M initiative to develop Black teachers
7) New Zealand: Lake Tekapo School's all male teaching staff

Pacific Oaks College announces lifelong educator and first African American male as dean of the School of Education

Pacific Oaks College & Children's School (PO) announces the appointment of Jerell B. Hill, Ed.D., as the new dean of Pacific Oaks College's School of Education. His appointment comes after having served as interim dean since July 2020. Dr. Hill is a longstanding member of the greater Pasadena community and is the first African American male to serve as dean for the School of Education.

Preschool teacher shares student's head-turning comment while playing kitchen: 'I'm still shocked'

by Morgan Greenwald - Yahoo News
According to preschool teacher and TikToker Tell Williams IV, "students say some crazy stuff."

On Feb. 23, the educator shared a hilarious story with his 599,000 followers about the shocking exchange he had with one of his students while they were playing "pretend restaurant."

"I've been teaching preschool now for, like, 8 years. Somehow I'm still shocked over some of the things that come out of these children's' mouths," he said.

New Zealand: Lake Tekapo School's all male teaching staff

by Esther Ashby-Coventry - NZ Stuff
It has been a testosterone-fuelled start to the year at Lake Tekapo School, with all three teaching roles at the small Mackenzie school filled by males.

With a roll of 33 it is also the first time in acting principal Wayne Facer's 33-year career in education to be at a school totally staffed by men.
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