May, 2020

TODAY Show surprises Georgia's first black male Pre-K Teacher of the Year with huge donation

by Jason Braverman -11Alive
He was named Georgia's Pre-K Teacher of the Year last fall and was recognized as the first black man to get this honor.

Johnathon Hines, a pre-K instructor at Barack Obama Elementary School in Atlanta, got another surprise on the TODAY Show on Monday.

Chinese male teachers face kindergarten conundrum

By Zou Shuo - China Daily Globa
When Yu Zehong started teaching at a kindergarten in Beijing in 2018, some parents asked to transfer their children to other classes.

The parents did not have a good impression of male teachers. Some were worried because of news reports about male staff members sexually assaulting children, while others thought a man would be too strict with the young students, Yu said.

Compton Male Teachers of Color Network (CMToCN) May Virtual Summit

Compton Male Teachers of Color Network (CMToCN) May Virtual Summit.

This will be our 2nd annual end-of-year meeting to share the excellent progress of our district-wide project.

The CMToCN is a unique approach to building a profesional learning community that provides social emotional support and profesional development to male teachers and administrators

How Male Teachers Can Empower Female Students

by Andrew Deen - The Good Men Project
Glass ceilings are still aplenty in the workplace in 2020 USA. Some speculate that some young women are so affected by a systemic gender bias that favors men in school settings that they subconsciously play into it when they get to the adult workplace. Further, many homes are also very patriarchal, and that may be all a girl is familiar with until she sets foot in a classroom.

MenTeach E-News - May 2020

MenTeach E-News
May 2020

MenTeach: COVID-19 has changed the way we interact, especially as teachers. How are you coping with the changes? Is your center or program still open? Send us an e-mail so we can share what is happening throughout the world.

1) Editorial: A Male Teaching in a Pandemic
2) Dundee Scotland equalities champion: More men should work in nurseries
3) Indiana Early education could soon be facing a major teacher shortfall
4) Teaching, Preaching: DeKalb Educator Raps For Student Enrichment

New Call Me MISTER Scholarship

By The Charleston Chronicle & By Amy S. Mercer
Dennis Wright says he never planned on being a teacher. It wasn’t until he was encouraged to enroll in the South Carolina Teacher Cadet program during his senior year of high school that his “eyes were opened” to a career in education.