Clemson Call Me MISTER program to expand into Mississippi

The successful and nationally recognized Call Me MISTER program, established at Clemson University in 2000 to increase the number of African-American males teaching in K-12 schools, will collaborate with Jackson State University to increase the diversity of available teachers in Mississippi. This collaboration will be funded by a $200,000 grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation of Battle Creek, Mich.

Male Call: Schools Looking for a Few Good Men

by Joseph Harkins -
Despite the bleak job picture, elementary and middle schools are still looking for a few good men and, in fact, they are getting harder to find.

Male Teacher led mentoring program for boys honored

by Annie McCallum Bitter - Montgomery Advertiser
A new mentoring program at T.S. Morris Elementary School for its male students, aimed at giving children role models and teaching etiquette, has earned the Montgomery school a national honor.

Morris was among 242 schools recently dubbed by the Character Education Partnership as 2012 Promising Practice Award winners. Morris is the only Alabama school to earn the distinction.

African-American Males in K-12 Teaching

by Michael Rainey - editor of INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine.
Pay a visit to almost any elementary school, junior high or high school in the United States today and chances are the last thing you'll see is an African-American male teacher walking the halls. This isn't necessarily the result of any inherent form of racism, but rather it is at least partially the result of a lack of African-American males coming through the higher education pipeline, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

The latest data about the percentage of male teachers in the United States

This is the 2011 United States Bureau of Labor Statistics data about numbers and percentages of teachers. If you compare the 2011 data with 2010 there are some changes. Check out the data and then go look at the previous years: Data about Teachers.

Male teacher showing students how to become positive role models

Reported by Darlene Dorsey - News
He claims there are days he doesn't feel like working, but when Eric Gomez steps in front of students in a classroom, he lights up.

Free tuition and board to black men to teach in New Orleans

WSDU Television
Michael Booker, principal at Lake Area High College Prep in New Orleans, is a rare breed.

According to the Department of Education, African-American male teachers and administrators are becoming extinct. Only 2 percent of the nation’s 4.8 million teachers are black men.

Bearing that in mind, Booker says he and other African-American male educators have a responsibility to set a positive tone.

False abuse accusations against teachers

by Mark Gollom, CBC News
Teachers across Canada are having their reputations ruined as increasing numbers get falsely accused of abusing their students, or acting inappropriately with them, experts say.

Parents say, ‘I want Mr. Wells because I want a man.’

by Megan Gildow-Anthony, Staff Writer - Springfield News-Sun
Most elementary schools in Clark and Champaign counties have only a handful of male teachers on staff, but men can be valuable in the classroom as role models for children, according to experts.

About 8 percent of elementary school teachers in the area are male, according to a Springfield News-Sun analysis of Ohio Department of Education data. Twenty-five percent of teaching staff across all grades are male.

Black male teachers in the United States

by Allen Huntspon and George Howell - CNN
Take a moment and think of all the teachers you had between pre-K and twelfth grade.

Now, how many of them were black men?

For most people, this question won't take too long to answer. That's because less than two percent of America's teachers are black men, according to the Department of Education.

That is less than 1 in 50 teachers.

Dwayne Nunez - winner of the Emerging Professional Award

Dwayne was first trained to be a Playmaker in 2006, when he was a preschool teacher at Jamaica Plain Head Start. At the time, Dwayne was trained to use transformative play to build stronger relationships with his students and help heal and strengthen them as well.

MenTeach - New England Reception a Great Success!

MenTeach - New England reception and award ceremony.Dan & Dwayne at the awards ceremony.Dan & Dwayne at the awards ceremony.

Marcia Farris given Steve Shuman Award by MenTeach - New England

The Steering Committee of MenTeach - New England held an award party for Marcia Farris, Executive Director of the Massachusetts AEYC, where she received the Steve Shuman Award in Support of Men in Early Education and Care Award because of her work as an ally to men in the field and support of gender equality.

Male Teachers of Color Initiative Scholarships

by YNN staff
Local organizations united Thursday at The Leadership Academy for Young Men to support freshmen boys with dreams of becoming teachers.

Chase Bank funded the local organization, "Today's Students Tomorrow's Teachers," as they launched the Male Teacher of Color Initiative within the academy.

More men seeking 'manny' work due to lousy economy

by Kristin Kalning
Greg Carroll left his job as an executive chef in 2009, when  his boss asked him to slash his 500-person staff by half. Since then, Carroll has done some catering, some consulting and some cooking in private homes. But full-time work has proven elusive.

PRIDE is spreading in Florida

by Jackie Alexander -
When Juliun Kinsey recently volunteered as an instructor at Terwilliger Elementary School, the Santa Fe College graduate noticed something missing.

The children, he said, had few teachers who, like him, shared their skin color.

Project PRIDE will help increase number of minority & male teachers with $12.1 million

To help reduce the demographic disparity between students and teachers, Polk County Public Schools has partnered with the University of South Florida Polytechnic to actively recruit and provide scholarships to future male and minority school teachers. The $12.1 million funding comes from Race to the Top, a $4.35 billion U.S. Department of Education competition grant designed to spur innovation and reforms in state and local district K-12 education.

Smith Strives to Inspire On and Off the Basketball Court

by Lisa Johnson, WSU Media Relations
Senior Ben Smith traded his Wichita State basketball uniform and Nike sneakers for slacks and a necktie when he walked into a third grade classroom as "Mr. Smith" at OK Elementary School this fall.

A male teacher and his a one-room schoolhouse

By Kelly Puente - Press Telegram - California, USA
On a brisk Wednesday morning on Catalina Island, teacher David Morse starts the school day by raising the flag and ringing the brass bell.

A man teaching Kindergarten in Wisconsin

Rocco Marchionda is a bit of an oddity.

At a glance, his kindergarten classroom at Merrill Elementary School in Oshkosh looks like any other song-filled, activity-oriented room of 5- and 6-year olds.

The unusual part is Marchionda himself: He's a man. Teaching kindergarten.

Wanted: Black Male Teachers Across the Nation

It's a nationwide problem - the shortage of Black male teachers. Only two percent of the nation's nearly five million teachers are African American.

Falsely accused teacher struggles to cope

by CBCNews - Canada
A Quebec elementary school gym teacher says he is struggling to rebuild his life after having been falsely accused of sexual touching.

A rumour began circulating at Henri Fournier's school in February 2008 involving 19 girls between the ages of eight and 13 who accused him of inappropriately touching girls, sometimes in front of other students.

More men wanted for childcare jobs in Australia

by NewsMail
Trent Tootell may be the minority in his chosen career but he has made a difference in children’s lives.

Mr Tootell is completing a Diploma of Children’s Services while working at the Bundaberg’s City Y Childcare Centre.

Women generally dominate in his field, with men scarce in the childcare industry.

Man discovers passion for education, finds next career

by Sandy Wall - Craven Community College
You never know where you’re going to find your next career.

For Craven Community College student Cameron Bates, his discovery came when he began volunteering at a child-care center where his daughter was enrolled.

It was there that the 35-year-old married father of three discovered a love for working with children and mentoring them.

Now, with the help of Craven, Bates knows where he hopes to make a difference for his family and for his community.

Role as father prepared this teacher for the classroom

By Patrick B. Anderson - LaCross Tribune
Josh Shively embraced the role of stay-at-home dad without flinching at gender stereotypes.

Patience, drive and the desire to be a role model made him a good father.

Eight years later, the same characteristics helped him pursue a new career - a job with more of an impact than the retail position he quit when his first daughter was born.

Shively, 39, became a teacher.

Jon Hamm (TV Actor) Talks About The Lack Of Positive Male Role Models

by Lane Moore - Jezebel
Get ready to fall even more in love with Jon Hamm. Seriously. There are new levels of adoration for this man and we're about to discover them together.

Hamm was recently a speaker at the Rape Treatment Center benefit brunch in Beverly Hills where he spoke about his pre-Mad Men employment history — which we will refer to as phase one of your ever-deepening affection.

Male Call: Recruiting More Men to Teach Elementary School

by Tamar Snyder
Public schools are searching for a few good men -- male teachers, that is. Men accounted for less than one-fourth of all teachers in 2006, according to statistics released recently by the National Education Association (NEA), and there is little indication of that figure changing anytime soon.

Low Number of Male Teachers Affects Youth

by Chantee Lans - WFMY2
Education experts say that a lower salary and stereotypes are to blame for a shortage of male teachers across the Piedmont Triad.

Bill Budusky is a Pre-Kindergarten teacher at Hunter Elementary School in Greensboro.

Watch the video.

Budusky is one of only six male teachers out of 75.

The father of two said having male teachers in schools is important because they serve as positive role models for boys.

Kansas Ranks #1 (with 33.1%) For Most Male Teachers

[MenTeach: In 2010, K-12 schools in the United States average about 24% male staff in classrooms. If you want to see where your state ranks download this PDF file that comes from the National Education Association (NEA)]

Male teachers wary of hugging students

by Melody Gutierrez - Sacramento Bee
Kindergarten teacher Paul Ferreter knows he is putting his credential on the line each time he opens his arms to hug one of his students.

While more and more teachers, especially male educators, are putting up barriers to protect themselves from false allegations, Ferreter said he can't bring himself to forgo hugs. But his hugs have been modified. He calls them "sideways hugs."
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